Cold Help System: General Information: Environment

Your environment is where the system tries to find things, when you name something. It does this by first checking everything in your contents, and everything in the location you are in.


The system will also check your recent context. The server records the last object you named, as well as all of the last objects you named (with a gender). You can list your recent context with the command @context, receiving a result similar to:

Last thing: the Magazine Rack
Last it:    the Magazine Rack      
Last her:   Squeak the lemming
Last him:   Miro

When the system is attempting to find a named object, it first checks in your context. This allows you to name objects by their gender (if you remember it correctly). For instance:

> get bottle
You take the bottle.
> drop it
You drop the bottle.

Multiple Matches

In the case where multiple objects would match a single name, you can use ordinal references, such as the 3rd bottle or the second key.

Posessive Matching

If something is located in something else, in your environment (either being carried by somebody, or in a box, etc), you can refer to it posessively. For instance, if the user 'Joe' is holding a note, you can look at it with the command:

> look at Joe's note


There are also two words known by the system. The first is me, which is always you. The second is here, which is always your location.


If you are having a hard time remembering an items object name, or typing it's full name, you can remember it as a shorter name, with the command @remember.

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