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Programmer Commands Listing

The following commands are available to programmers:

@add-command Adds a command to a specific method.
@add-parent Adds a parent to the target object.
@add-shortcut Adds a shortcut to a specified command.
@add-variable Adds a variable to the object.
@ancestors Shows the objects "tree" of parents.
@chp?arents Changes parents of object
@chmod Modifies the access flags on the object or method.
@config-set?ting Allows you to modify the options set when the setting was created.
@d?isplay Displays general information about an object, and optionally shows methods.
@def-set?ting Creates new settings on objects.
@del-c?ommand Removes a command from the object
@del-m?ethod Deletes a method from an object.
@del-p?arent Removes a parent from an object.
@del-s?hortcut Removes a defined shortcut to a command.
@del-v?ariable Removes a variable from the object.
@descend?ants Lists the objects the have that object as an ancestor.
@dump gives a complete textdump of an object
@eval Used to test methods without programing them.
@grep Used to search methods on an object for specific text.
@hl?ist Shows a help node in CML text.
@hw?rite A one chance input to enter CML text for a help node.
@id Summary information similar to @display
@join Teleports you to a user.
@list Lists source code for the method.
@move Moves methods or objects to another location
@copy Copies methods to another location
@new-help-node Creates a new help node.
@program Allows user to input data and then save and compile the text with a "." on a blank line.
@rehash Updates your command cache.
@show Displays methods, variables, messages, and other information about an object or method
@spawn Creates a new object
@trace Returns where and object receives an inherited method.
@undef-set?ting Removes a setting from an object.
@which Tells you where the method behind the command is.

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