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You may encounter conflicts of link and node names while navigating help. This may occur if you do not specify the entire link name. Make sure when you activate a link you include enough of the link name to get a precise match (you do not always need to specify the entire link name). If you are still getting a conflict you can narrow the search parameters. First, to better understand what happens when you activate a link keep in mind the following search order:

  1. Search in current page links
  2. Search in current page group
  3. Search in current page's index
  4. Search in all other help indices

If you are having a conflict you can prefix what you are searching for with either group=, link= or index= and it will search only in the respective area. For instance, if you were to type:


It would bypass any links or group nodes to narf, and only search in the current index and subsequent indices. Furthermore, if you specify a word other than the above, it will attempt to match only in the relevant index. Example:


Would search only in the core index, assuming it existed. Furthermore, when searching a specific index if the search word you specify is simply a hash-mark #, it will set the current index as the help node.

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