Cold Help System: Help: Heirarchy

The help files are not only hypertextual, but are also heirarchial. This means they are ordered in a parent/child manner (such as an outline), where general help topics are parents to specific help topics.

One useful result of this is a list of topics related to the current node, at the bottom of the page. These related topics are listed as links on the last line, with a series of dashes on each side (look at the bottom of this page and see if you can find them).

In the related topics list there are also dots. A single dot represents the current page in its order, relative to its sibling nodes. A double dot means there are more nodes, they just cannot be displayed.

You can also navigate up, back and forward in the help heirarchy, relative to the current help node. You can do this by using the options -up, -back and -forward; or by using the shorthand characters '^', '<' and '>'. See the section on Help Options for more detail on the available options and shorthand characters.

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