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As the ColdC driver does not know what sort of environment the database defines, by default all functions are callable by any object in the database. In order to preserve integrity it is strongly suggested that the database builds a heirarchy of trusted objects. Bind administrative-level functions to these objects using the function bind_function() and restrict access to them.

It is suggested that the following functions always be bound and secured:

atomic() cancel() create()
backup() shutdown() set_heartbeat()
bind_port() unbind_port() open_connection()
fopen() fstat() fchmod()
fmkdir() frmdir() files()
fremove() frename() fclose()
fseek() feof() fwrite()
fread() execute() fflush()
bind_function() unbind_function()

It is also suggested that any additional function which modifies an object or which alters/retrieves data on an object be bound.

The database can further be secured by solidifying key methods in its internal security scheme (if one exists) and locking them (by setting the 'lock method flag, see section Defining Methods).

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