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Method flags define certain behaviour features of the method. Currently the following method flags exist:

nooverride Methods which specify nooverride cannot be overridden by any of the defining object's descendants.
lock This locks all aspects of a method. Locked methods cannot have their access or flags changed, nor can they be recompiled during run-time. Locked methods can be changed outside of the regular running environment (such as in a textdb, or with coldcc).
forked This is used to specify that the method forks from the current task. The return value of a forked method is the task id of the new task.
native This specifies a native method. Native methods are not really methods, but are actually functions acting as a method. Because of this native methods cannot be listed or manipulated in most of the usual ways.

All method flags, with the exception of native, can be manipulated using the functions method_flags() and set_method_flags().

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