Core Help Root: Commands: @set


@set [<target>:]<name>=<value>
@set [<target>:]
@set [<target>:]<name>?
@set [+definers] [<target>:]
@set +clear [<target>:]<name>

This command is used to display and change configurable settings on objects. If <target> is left unspecified it will default to yourself.

To view all settings on an object do not specify a setting name or value, or to only view one setting, give the name and no value, with a question-mark at the end of the name. A few possible ways to view a setting:

@set here:
@set here:realm?

The first example will show all settings on you. The second example will show all settings on here. The third example will only show the setting realm on here.

To change a setting, include the setting name after the target followed by an equals sign and a value, such as:

@set here:realm=Taobh Thiar

If the option +definer is given, it will list all of the definers for each setting instance. If a value for definer is given it will only list instances of the settings defined by the given objref, such as:

@set +definer=$place here:

Which will only show the settings defined on here and defined by place.

If the option +clear is given, it will ignore any value specified for the setting and will instead clear the value, reverting it to its original default.

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