Core Help Root: Commands: @add-command-a?lias

Syntax: @add-command-a?lias|@aca?lias "<alias>" [to] "<command>"
Syntax: @add-command-a?lias|@aca?lias +<alias-set>

@aca allows you to alias one command to another name, for yourself (to do this globally see @del-command-alias


>@aca "poof %1" to "pub %1"
New command alias "poof %1" => "pub %1" added.

The new alias 'poof %1' will now allow you to talk on the public channel (to which 'pub %1' points to) as such:

>poof hello all!
<Public> Vampire: hello all!

You can also add command alias sets, which are pre-defined sets of command aliases. To see all possible command alias sets, use a plus sign with no name:

@aca +

To add the command set, just include its name after the plus sign, such as:

@aca +moo

See also: @del-command-alias, @command-aliases

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