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Bug Report: $problem_report_89
Reported From: the Courtyard ($courtyard)
Reported By: Surek ($user_surek)
Reported On: 07-Oct-1998
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Summary: @promote incorrectly changes the parents for an object.

Whenever @promote is used to change the status of a player, it only adds the new parent to the existing list, instead of changing it. Thus, $user_test, being descendent of $user, is @promoted to admin. his new parents list reads $user and $admin. This renders all of $user_test's commands inherited from $user non-functional, giving (with look, eg.)

Sorry, "look" could match any of:

"l?ook|exam?ine <any>" on Test ($user_test)

"l?ook|exam?ine <any>" on Test ($user_test)

Using @chpar $user_test $admin" fixes it, but this is too long for general use.

On 26-Oct-1998 Brandon ($brandon) Comments:

I cannot reproduce this--can you perhaps find a specific situation where it does occur? I tried it in promoting a programmer to an admin, then demoting them. In both cases the parents were updated properly.

On 16-Dec-1998 Brandon ($brandon) Comments:

Unable to reproduce.

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