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Bug Report: $action_request_380
Reported From: the Pit ($the_pit)
Reported By: Firetear ($user_firetear)
Reported On: 18-Jan-2006
Bug Group:
Summary: dig sprained
! => $integer.explode_quoted not found.
!    Thrown by CALL_METHOD
!    ~methodnf: $parse_lib.opt() line 8
!    ~methoderr: $code_lib.parse_name() line 5
!    ~methoderr: $user_firetear<$builder>._build__create_place() line 4
!    ~methoderr: $user_firetear<$builder>.dig_cmd() line 14
!    ~methoderr: $user_firetear<$user>.parse_line() line 26

I'm trying to dig a new room without any exits in order to see if it will have a green name, because I can't find a reference for setting the name of rooms green except in the text dump of $place for setting the name of rooms for the purpose of seeing verbose exits as green. If that's truly just a function of the exit naming call, then the room name won't be green, and I still have searching to do. It crapped out on me trying to dig a new room. I'm not sure I have permissions

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