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Bug Report: $problem_report_34
Reported From: Nowhere ($nowhere)
Reported By: No One ($no_one)
Reported On: 12-Mar-1998
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Summary: ?reference ?objects is *seriously* in need of h...

?reference ?objects is *seriously* in need of help. It's all messed up with content-type=ansi. The underlines go all over the place and the links can't be deciphered because they are cut off.

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Addendum by Bruce:

it doesn't look so great in text/plain either

On 28-Aug-1998 Brandon ($brandon) Comments:

I'm not sure which help node this is, can somebody give more details?

On 28-Aug-1998 Bruce ($user_bruce) Comments:

$help_reference then follow the object link.

On 28-Aug-1998 Brandon ($brandon) Comments:

Ahh, yeah, that will occur with pretty much any help index; it auto-generates that page, so shouldn't be too hard to cleanup all of them; just involves changing $help_index.body()

On 28-Aug-1998 Brandon ($brandon) Comments:

Ok, so my above comment is irrelevant to the bug itself. This is a known bug in table handling.

On 05-Dec-1998 Bruce ($user_bruce) Comments:

I've exlained this whole problem to Broesel and one strategy for fixing it by splitting up nodes in a fashion similar to wrapping a string and replacing a single node with a list of nodes that will format to the proper length. This affects tables and also columned dl/dt/dd things.

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