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Bug Report: $action_request_375
Reported From: the Pit ($the_pit)
Reported By: Jayren ($user_jayren)
Reported On: 09-Jan-2005
Bug Group:
Summary: broken mailer it seems.

not sure if this fits in command or not though here it is.

>Generating password and mailing it to: jayren@vistech.net

>! => ERROR FROM <Admin <admin@debian>>: "@" or "." expected after "Admin"

>! Thrown by $smtp.MAIL_FROM() line 10

>! ~error: $smtp.sendmail() line 19

>! ~error: $user_jayren<$admin>.new_password_cmd() line 12


>! You may want to use @report to report this problem.

>** Unable to send mail message, password not changed **

i will note this is on my own core, not here.

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