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Bug Report: $action_request_353
Reported From: the Courtyard ($courtyard)
Reported By: Peter Bengtson ($user_peterbengtson)
Reported On: 10-Jan-2002
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Summary: Restricted access to rooms and/or realms

I need a way of allowing access to certain rooms (or realms, even) to certain players and not to others. It's something which any MUD needs: certain character classes are only permitted in certain areas, only members of a particular guild are allowed into the guild house, etc.

The criteria can be: character class, the presence or absence of a certain item in the player's inventory or item of clothing, the level of the player, the completion of a quest, that a specific variable is true or false - almost anything.

The locations must not be accessible in any way, including teleportation, and there must be meaningful messages to the user if he/she isn't allowed in: "You cannot enter this area - an invisible force holds you back" is enough. Ideally, the message should be customisable by the designer.

Another way of doing it is via sentinel NPCs, but that's a more complex matter. They would be placed in a location to guard a specific exit, only admitting certain players, giving a message and blocking the way to players who don't match the criteria.

I need this to create teacher and student areas for a VR environment for an internet-based school. Ideally, the condition should be flexible and allow any setting to be matched or examined: what I'd really like to do is have certain student areas open up as students advance on their courses, lesson per lesson.

The autolocking doors work fine, but are too limited.

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