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Bug Report: $problem_report_29
Reported From: Nowhere ($nowhere)
Reported By: Chuck ($user_chuck)
Reported On: 04-Mar-1998
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Summary: Hmms... I wasn't careful enough cutting and pas...

Hmms... I wasn't careful enough cutting and pasting last time. Sorry.

Changing the default node on $help_lib only affects @help, and not the

help screen. This can be fixed by adding a method to $help_lib:

@program $help_lib.default_html_node() +access=pub

return "<a href=\"/bin/help?node=" + .default_node() + "\">";

// $#Edited: 04 Mar 98 23:01 $user_chuck

And changing, in $motd.build_html

"<a href=\"/bin/help\">Help System</a>"


$help_lib.default_html_node() + "Help System</a>"

-- Chuck

Loc: the Courtyard


Addendum by Bruce:

Not entirely .... the web stuff has a system of setting defaults for variables entering a CGI-type method... look at @dmethod $page_bin_index.help() to see what the current values are ... I'm working on commands for handling that. I suppose that $help_lib could have a method for setting the default help node that would also go and update the $page_bin_index data.

On 28-Aug-1998 Brandon ($brandon) Comments:

Has anybody followed up on this?

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