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Bug Report: $problem_report_270
Reported From: the Courtyard ($courtyard)
Reported By: Apocolypse ($user_apocolypse)
Reported On: 09-Jan-1999
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Summary: @addcom and join-locks broken, children don't get access.....

@addcom all=All

Sorry, channel All is join-locked.

@addcom admin=Admin

Sorry, channel Admin is join-locked.

@parents me

Parent of Mike ($user_mike):

# Name Flags Size Manager

1 $admin (Generic Admin) *-mvcG 46603 $admin (Generic Admin)

@mojo on

Your eyes glow as Mojo courses through your body.

@addcom admin=Admin

<Admin> Mike has joined this channel.

Channel Admin added with alias admin

@addcom all=All

<All> You have joined this channel

Channel All added with alias all

The channels are join-locked to the $admin object. Being a descendant of $admin *SHOULD* allow me to @addcom without my mojo, but as you can see it doesn't.

I haven't verified this with other classes but there isn't any reason for that to differ.

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