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Bug Report: $problem_report_19
Reported From: Nowhere ($nowhere)
Reported By: Bruce ($user_bruce)
Reported On: 23-Feb-1998
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Summary: $tkmoo_format needs to be fixed for tables so t...

$tkmoo_format needs to be fixed for tables so that it doesn't cut off these new-fangled tagged text outputs.... especially prevalent in the initial help node from @help

Loc: the Courtyard


Addendum by Bruce:

Got {dl} and friends... the table stuff is left still... not sure anymore which others. I think rewrapped_lines and that will need fixing also... these fixes should apply to the ANSI formatter and in some cases hte Pueblo formatter.


Addendum by Bruce:

okay... created a $tagged_format and shifted $tkmoo_format and $ansi_format to use it. They suffer similar problems and so the fixes are the same. Fixed {dl} now for ANSI for free. Tables are okay on both, once .rewrap_lines() is fixed. That's the scary one and is all that's left.

Well, as far as I know, it's all that's left.

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