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Bug Report: $problem_report_212
Reported From: the Courtyard ($courtyard)
Reported By: Bruce ($user_bruce)
Reported On: 10-Dec-1998
Bug Group:
Summary: $note, CML and nread

$note objects can use CML instead of plain text. However, the 'nread' command doesn't currently support doing line numbering of a note written in CML.

On 16-Dec-1998 Brandon ($brandon) Comments:

The note editing commands pre-date the editor, now that we have the editor we should probably just remove all note editing commands. I will consider this more...

On 16-Dec-1998 Brandon ($brandon) Comments:

This does break VR capabilities though, now that I think about it. But in VR uses you would not be using CML anyway--so perhaps have the direct note editing commands check for CML, if so disallow it...

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