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Bug Report: $problem_report_165
Reported From: the Courtyard ($courtyard)
Reported By: No One ($no_one)
Reported On: 01-Dec-1998
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Summary: $mail_list is a parent of $mail_ui

$mail_list is a parent of $mail_ui, which is not very good from the inheriting POV. Maybe it would be better to add a variable pointing to the user's mailbox instead of having the user being a mailbox itself.

On 02-Dec-1998 Bruce ($user_bruce) Comments:

To elaborate a bit more on the thoughts that Broesel and I were discussing at that time ...Why shouldn't $mail_ui be a command module instead of a parent, and then break $mail_list out so that a $user object points to the mail list associated with it. For example: $user_bruce<$user>,mailbox = $mail_list_user_bruce.This would require some changes to $mail_lib.parse_mail_recipient(), $mail_ui, and not sure what else.

On 06-Dec-1998 Bruce ($user_bruce) Comments:

Well, looking into this, $mail_ui requires per-user data. This isn't possible with a command module is it? Could command modules be changed to allow for that? Also, looking at the code on $mail_ui, I don't see why it done as a child of $mail_list. Any enlightenment?

On 07-Dec-1998 Brandon ($brandon) Comments:

Its loosely based on the MOO model--poor decision. There are really two issues covered in this PR, a: why are users mail_lists, and b: what about $mail_ui being a command module. B will likely happen when the 'big change' happens moving all users to $user etc. A will likely stay the same because its inherent to the whole design--this system is not folder based, making that sortof change can impact the whole system, potentially opening holes in a lot of places--i'd rather just see it rewritten from the ground up, than tinkering with things like that.

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