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Bug Report: $problem_report_135
Reported From: the Courtyard ($courtyard)
Reported By: No One ($no_one)
Reported On: 10-Nov-1998
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Summary: www.cold.org/~faq/ not found on Software/ColdCore.

Clicked on link "Cold FAQ" on http://www.cold.org/Software/ColdCore/

and got "The requested URL /~faq/ was not found on this server.


On 10-Nov-1998 Bruce ($user_bruce) Comments:

This would be fixed by my website update were it to ever go live on www.cold.organd if someone were to bother to give me updated content for the ColdCore section of the site. If anyone wants to see what needs updating (I did a small bit), you may look at http://www.puremagic.com/cold/software/coldcore/index.html for the existing content in the new format. Feel free to mail me new content at bruce@puremagic.com for incorporation. I have little interest in maintaining that section of the site myself with my minimal involvement with ColdCore.

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