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Bug Report: $problem_report_126
Reported From: the Courtyard ($courtyard)
Reported By: No One ($no_one)
Reported On: 05-Nov-1998
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Summary: http://www.cold.org/Software/ColdCore/install.html is wrong, README is right.

http://www.cold.org/Software/ColdCore/install.html instructs one to unpack

the distrabution and do 'makeworld' followed by 'coldcc'. This appears to be

incorrect, with the correct instructions in the README file in the


I think that not too many people are going to leave their working directory

for the core as "ColdCore-X.X", so a note about the fact that one could

just 'mv' the files in the untarred directory into the directory one wants as

the working directory might be appropriate (but easy enough to figure out!)

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